Life right now, is like a panda getting its belly rubbed with the end of a bamboo stick. Who’s the one with the bamboo? I don’t know, probably some panda loving human who found a really long bamboo stick. My boobs hurt, apparently it could take up to 6 weeks from the miscarriage for things to go back to normal. But I only feel normal once in a blue moon. January 1st was a full moon and for some strange reason I thought that meant someone was going to do all my work for me. But, the end of the day comes and then a wee bit of the morning and still, the screen stares at me wide eyed and bushy tailed. Have you ever seen children who blink at you with that innocent beam of light in their eye? It can be a lot of pressure, those bushy eyes. Just like, getting a phone call before caller id. A telemarketer called my house today. I didn’t answer. I don’t answer the phone for anyone, it’s like I owe them something. I learned that if I don’t answer, I don’t owe them. I’m not sure  why I even keep going with this cellphone thing. Probably cuz in an emergency I’ll need to call someone. They don’t think like me though, so when I call they don’t think they owe me anything. Thinking really changes the rules whether everyone around you knows the rules or not. But I don’t always like thinking. Sometimes, like in the morning, I like to stare off and not think at all. Though, I always end up thinking or asking myself, what are you thinking, which in turn makes me think.