The morning came with green tea and a couple of those free airline biscuits. He’s asleep but I say good morning anyway. He whispers something about writing and fades back into his own. This hangover won’t shift but it’s worth every second. Paced myself last night and fought him off a couple times, as I do when I’m drunk. Begged him not to embarrass me but he finds a thrill in it. Breathing through my teeth I pulled away. The guy next to us was with his wife and while she was nice he kept looking at his phone wondering when this was all going to end. I won’t be surprised to find him in a closed coffin. She was a lover and a beautiful one at that. It’s such a shame. So many lovers and not enough love. He puts his face in mine and when nothing else matters We drink Tom Collins’ and wander the humidity. I missed him. And when he was finally around to, well, be some part of my life, I jumped on him and tried my best not to let go. You see, when I do, I’m just never sure how long he’s going to be there.