Opening the curtains I tie a red ribbon around each one to hold it in place. The sun pours in and even though I’ve slept terrible, I’m ok. I examine my wrists and the veins that lead from my heart to the palm of my hand. I attempt to take my pulse, but I always lose count. The rhythm takes me home quicker than a cup of sleepy tea and a self-centered meditation that’s not really considered self-centered. When I rise and feel the heavens under my soles I’m brighter than the sun shining on a freshly waxed floor. I float above me, and these secrets they’ve searched for for years become a knowing I can’t find words to explain. To have all this in the few minutes it took to open the curtains and check my pulse, seems unimaginable, yet it’s all only a few beats away. What I love most about my curtains is the red ribbon that holds them in place, pure elegance.