The sand is everywhere and the waves make my ass shift this way and that. It’s no use trying to stay in one place, even though I would like roots. And when the sadness takes over I beg him to sooth me, cuz no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to sooth myself. The tears come in waves and the melancholy and the manic states which are mostly just me trying to get rid of the first two. The fear of getting pregnant plagues me, but these human needs are never satisfied and neither are these wounds. They leak and pus without cease. The more gauze I add, the weepier they become. Blood stains and trails of tears mark the womb I’ve been hiding in. The world fades and as their lives drift on loneliness becomes me. I open my mouth wide and stick my fingers in bile and blood, nothing pretty. But I reach in just the same. He stands there watching so I dance around him even though with every step my mind cracks into a million pieces. As they scatter to the ground I avoid picking them up like I know I should. Some fall to the wayside and some on fertile ground.