Hair pulls, human secretions, and wondering whether Honey Nut Cheerios are considered healthy. Sometimes I even think of creating a new language but the effort is entirely too much. Everything is too much lately. I just want to do the bare minimum get out of bed shower you know daily living skills. But when you really think about it most of the greats didn’t do those things everyday. Cave woman with a modern day fine-tip pen and a dollar store journal is more my style. Showering everyday isn’t good for your skin anyway. Maybe I’ll carry a kid full term and bring a healthy baby home from the hospital. Maybe someday I’ll find this whole marketing and selling thing worth my efforts. Who knows maybe that’s when I’ll create my new language. <^> You know what has worth to me? Getting the thoughts out of my head in a messy, or should I say unique manor that in some strange way makes my scattered brain feel… <^> well, I don’t know what I feel depends on the day.