Spent the day curled on the bed with no interest in moving. A little rest with a lotta blankets. I mumble something but even I’m not sure what I was trying to say after I said it. Too sleepy. Too confused to figure out anything other than rolling over to my left side. They say it’s healthier or something. I dream of shaving my legs, and being snuggled. I don’t remember much else. And when I wake up I do it as slowly as possible. To savor the moment. I sink deeper into the covers and re position myself in a few different ways. There’s no reason to rush getting out of bed. Then I stick my toes out from under the blankets to feel the cool air. Ah, this is the life. There is work to get done and it will, but for now I shall take my time. I’ll enjoy my time because days like these are rare. Days full of comfortable sleep, so comfortable that I feel like I’m sleeping in the clouds. I couldn’t waste it. I just couldn’t. I crawl outta bed and make some tea. The sun shines in from the backyard and warms my soul. It was a peaceful day and I’m grateful.