From beneath the Christmas tree the lights are dancing. I’ve always looked at the tree from the same angle, but never from below. I grabbed some gummies and laid down on the tree skirt tucking my head under the lowest branch. It’s not too bad. I tap an angel ornament that used to belong to my grandmother and watch it swing back and forth. When the angel stills, I pop the red gummy I saved for last in my mouth and prop my head up with my arms. It smells quite nice under there. You never get this scent from up there. I admire the branches and the way the ornaments dangle overhead. Life can be so upright. I wanna cross a stream by hopping on turtle backs and find the door in the middle of the woods. The one that leads to a game I don’t want to stop playing. Sometimes I hear the music and sometimes I push it away because I have responsibilities. But when I can sit down and listen, like really listen it brings me to tears and not the kind of tears that just flow from your eyes, the kind of tears that come straight from you chest. It’s like an explosion of emotion that’s been waiting to be released. I wouldn’t say I live for those moments because truth be told I often forget about them. But they sure make life worth living, don’t they.