I’ve been slipping in and out of consciousness all day. I wiggle my fingers upon waking cause I’m not quite ready to move anything else. I’m ill. My head aches, my body feels foreign, and I ache all over. The energy to rub and sooth myself is elsewhere. I’m propped up on either side with pillows and blankies and a jug of water is propped against those. I should be getting my fluids but I’m just too tired to do any more than wiggle my fingers. The rest of my body has vanished to a place that’s neither warm nor cold. The tv plays in the background until it doesn’t and besides that the room would be dark only there’s one streetlight on our road and it’s glaring at me from between the curtains. Must it be so aggressive? If only I had the energy to overlap the curtains. If only I could ask someone to dim the street light.