If I open my  mouth to say something does the concept lose value with every word? Are there words in other languages for concepts that live in the dark recesses of my mind? The concepts that gag me but never have a name to be released. Should everyone have a chance to be taught the names to these complexities? Are the answers something deserved or is the search simply human? Is it all there at conception or revealed only with a name, revealed with a word? “In the beginning was the word…” so in a world without language can there only be unconsciousness, chaos? Is spirit beyond language? Energy is existent without language so does energy mean consciousness. Spirit vs Energy. Spirit means consciousness but energy doesn’t necessarily mean consciousness. Spirit thrives without language because there are few ways to describe spirit which is why God cannot be defined and we will only truly understand God in the elsewhere also known as heaven. Even if we tried to define God he’d lose value with every word and someone so infinite couldn’t have that.