The bottom of my stomach tingles and I think world has shifted slightly to the left. I did sit-ups maybe that’s why my tummy tingles, but I can’t explain the shift. It has turned me sideways. Alex, the one with the beard, tries to sneak peeks at my dark side. I do have one, if you must know. I like to think of myself as a spider crawling into his mouth while he sleeps. I’d steal his words then his soul. I’d linger inside him til he was a corpse and then linger some more. My dreams are much worse though. Those might be too much. Sometimes it’s a man so bloody he’s unrecognizable and being stomped to death. The sight of it makes my chest ache. Nasty world we live in. Then again, the fact that I must see it with my eyes closed, makes me realize I’m just as nasty. I don’t like it. Alex does though. I only know he does because his eyes light up when I tell him about the bad ones. He even took to asking regularly if I’ve had any “bad ones” lately. If I say yes, he tucks right in as if I’m about to tell him a bed time story. But, his full attention makes me uncomfortable so I tell him quick and get straight to the point. I’m not a fan of the spotlight, especially when I’m sideways.