The world hounds him from the backseat. There’s wolves, and angels, and demons and he can’t seem to get them straight. One of them is coming for him. I’m not sure which I just heard him whisper something about it to Susan the kitten. He looks out the rear-view window wondering when it’ll reach him. Maybe it should. Maybe this is just how the world works. But I’ve never known him to believe in karma. Anyways, Susan’s meds are beginning to wear off and she’s opening her eyes more. Those blue devils could melt a heart of stone. Steve fumbles around til he’s inside his little apartment. He’s thinking about video games with his brothers. There was a couple good games but there’s one time that outshines the rest. He laughs. That memory brings joy to his lonely hole. He grabs the stuff to change Susan’s bandages. She’s laying on the bed stretching her legs and her paws and her back and whatever else is possible for her to stretch. He unwraps her leg and finds it healed. There’s still some hair missing but the skin looks pale pink and healthy. He pokes it with his pointer. Poke poke. She doesn’t react in pain. It’s the things we need to believe in that show up without a fight and the things we shouldn’t believe in that hound us every night. But we gotta have both in this life, one is meant to be a gift to keep us going, the other is meant to propel us forward .