Alexa places her hands on the glass that separates her from Steve. He looks on but she wonders, can he see her or himself, she can’t tell. He places his hands against the glass where her hands rest. She gets dizzy and her belly aches. Her hands stick to the glass like magnets. She did a report on magnets in 7th grade. Got first place, a blue ribbon with gold writing, and she loved doing the project. It’s nice when your head’s in the game. It’s nice when you care. She did it for pure curiosity. And now her hands are magnetized to a glass with Steve on the other side. She feels her body turn hot as coals and her insides cool as ice. This doesn’t seem right. She misses little Steve. That’s when Alexa pulls away and causes a small crack in the glass. Sounds like ice. She remembers the sound of rushing water under a cap of ice. Then, she thinks of a glass of coke with ice cubes clinking and cracking in a perspiring glass on a hot day.