Rupert runs into Laney at the donut shop. This has always been her favorite place but she doesn’t really go much. She just talks about it. But anyways there she is standing there in a dreamy state with her hair a mess as usual. He always liked it when she did it up nice but she stopped putting effort into her hair for a while now. He knows what she’s going to order. He imagines himself ordering with her. Well, it’s more like a memory. She ends her order with a nervous laugh and pulls out the debit card from behind her phone. She hands over her card then looks around the place in boredom and that’s when she sees Rupert. Surprise shows in her brows. She grabs her card and her donuts. Rupert wants to say so much but this isn’t the place. This isn’t the time. So he speeds through the conversation and lets her hug him before she leaves. Now it’s time to order and he just realized he spent the entire time not thinking about what donuts to get. Choices. Choices. He picks a random 5 donuts and now it’s time to choose the one he’s getting for himself. And it’s a toss up between a powdered Bavarian cream or a Boston cream.