The ground sausage gives him more to chew than the potatoes but not in a bad way. He swallows the way fish go down the drain. But hey, all drains lead to the ocean. He chews and swallows again. The cat saunters up and after a making a couple circles, she lays by his left foot and wraps her tail around his ankle the way an octopus would. If they were in the ocean Bell would take him to the depths for sure. She probably still pulls him down but he’s too busy to notice. Sometimes he pretends to bite Bell’s head right off. He could do it, you know. While she’s alive. His mouth is big enough. Anyway, Bell is snoring and there’s a puddle of drool below her, so Hail decides to stay put to let her sleep. He’s finished his dinner. He left his phone on the counter. He ‘s got only the designs on the table cloth to keep him busy. Then, the dog comes in and sleeps on his other side. He looks at them sleep and all he can think is that he must be doing something right.