The plummet was only just beginning. Abby falls down her insides. Her words are distant and too far for her to grasp in a proper amount of time. She’s a potato with eyes that have grown so deep they swirled around and reached the heavens. It was a long ride home but today, she heads from home. There’s no good reason to stay put while the waters rise around Hail. Abby opens the window and calls the crows. While she waits for them to gather, she turns and thanks her room. She feels a gust of wind and slowly lifts her arms. A thousand tiny beaks and claws close tight against her clothes and sometimes her skin. They flap flap flap and slowly lift her plummeting soul to the sky. While she rises, she sees a flickers of nightmares flash through her. They flicker as if there’s something more important she should be doing, but there is not other place she should be than ascending.