Abby closes her eyes and gives Hail a thought. She thinks about tasting the food on his plate and washing it down with a tasty beverage. Ice tea and lemonade would be the beverage of her choice. She’s a sleepy girl, so caffeine and sugar get her through the long days. While thinking of Hail, she gets the urge to take a nap. She’s too cold to fall asleep. Even so, a light dream state takes over. She sees a lizard catch a fly. She sees the death of a man dressed in nothing but black. There’s a stale feel to it, like it’s vintage. Maybe her past life? Maybe the memory of one of her ancestors. She may never know. The feel of a raindrop on her skin wakes her up. The dream zips away, back into the darkness. She sees buildings. And then, there’s Hail soaked from head to toe standing in the rain like a stray dog. He’s no stray to her, more to the world from which he came. He’s also no dog, although he has animalistic qualities just like Abby, he’s very human. How hungry he must be. And wet. And cold. Poor thing is all Abby can think.