Hail begins his walk again and questions whether he’s going to get through this. This is a storm like no other. Winds pick up speed, knocking him and the streetlights around. There’s lightning and thunder. There’s a strange glow in the sky and the fog lifts only to make way for the down pour on the already flooding sidewalk. None of this feels right, like the storm was placed there only to hinder Hail. And such a selfish thing to think that the good God almighty would allow so much chaos simply for Hail. But then again, God be like that some times. Conflict. A good God allowing bad things for the best possible outcome. A branch flies just above his head and the leaves brush his hair. He pushes against the wind as if there’s a real need for him to go in that direction. What is that way? Is he really that hungry anymore. He sees something fly toward him and shields his face quickly. This could be it. This could be the moment where it all ends. After he shields his face for a moment, he feels the waters rushing around his calves, which means he’s still alive. He slowly lifts his head and finds Abby held up by birds smiling at him. Her hair blows like snakes. She’s drenched from the rain and he knows Abby can’t stand wet clothes.