Abby wants to get him dry clothes and feed him biscuits and soup and whatever else he asked for. But out of no where, she feels a tingle in her tum. She squints her eyes for a moment to try and gather a coherent thought. Now, in this moment, there’s quite a bit going on. We have wind, rain, lightening, birds holding her horizontal over the ground in some magical way that Abby could never explain, we have Hail who’s a completely different universe standing there eyeing her with more acceptance than he ever has, and now from the something in her inner universe has been altered. She sees Hail’s body twitching and shifting like the images on an old tv set. There’s even flashes of static. In a flash all this recalls her first orgasm. It was in front of a small black and white tv she stuck in her bedroom. Before she could indulge in that memory, the birds (not in unison) release her. She falls top first, right into the flooding waters. She picks herself up quick enough to curse at the birds, but she inhales water and coughs before she can get any words out. Which is probably a good thing because angry birds in this storm can’t be a good thing. Hail helps her up. Even though it’s raining, he smells like lilies and BBQ chicken. She grabs cardboard floating by and places it over their heads while following Hail’s lead.