As Hail and Abby walk down the road, they point out the sights. Abby sings songs off beat and Hail sings her the correct lyrics. They don’t know where they’re going or if this storm is the right time for singing in the rain, but they keep moving forward. “What do ducks look like in a row?” Abby asks Hail. He shrugs and sings songs from childhood while linking his arm in hers. They return to childhood together. Abby kicks the flooding water and a rainbow trails behind. The sun rising. The rain slows to a drizzle which is so light in comparison it might as well not be raining at all. They discard the card board and instead to cling to each other. There’s no better way to enjoy a sunrise than next to the one who watches you fall on your face a hundred times and still clings to you. Abby goes quiet. Normally she’d be counting all the things to come, but in this moment she wants nothing but to note every detail of Hail’s mere existence.