Abby plans to take three more steps. That’s all she’s got up her sleeve. There’s something about the number three. The third steps the charm. The third step will bring a revelation or inspiration or a plain old push in the right direction. She looks over at Hail. She missed him. She shouldn’t have had to. And the two thoughts war with each other so strongly that she’s brought to tears. How can two thoughts be so strong. How can she be pulled in two opposite directions so strongly. It’s numbing. She slows down knowing the third step’s the charm. There’s a ending that comes with great revelations, and if there’s anything she’s learned about great revelations, it’s that they come with endings. Big endings, small endings, kinda like doors, there’s all kinds of endings. This isn’t some secret way of saying when one door opens yaddah yaddah. There’s so many doors and windows, one door closing is as significant as the earth in the cosmos. It seems so big until we step back and realize the earth is just a spec and our timeline is just a blip. Abby steps slower. Not sweating the door but not rushing toward it either. Some days, like today, she thinks things happen at the exact time, in the exact place, to the exact people because that’s the way it’s supposed to happen. She’s not always a believer in fate. Even in this instance, it’s more like faith to her.