Hail looks at the world with the eyes of a his old but new self. He’s got the same eyes. The same memories stored away in his brain but now he has new ones to add to the old. He’s walking as close to Abby as he can. There’s little flowers popping up here and there. He can smell Abby’s hair when the wind blows. He can even taste it but that’s a little weird so he lets that thought go. A squirrel runs to a hidden nut and begins munching on it. There’s no place Hail and Abby would rather be. There’s no people they’d rather be. Just two dreamers thinking up ways to inspire themselves. They think up so many possibilities their heads hurt and their tummies grow even emptier. Abby has a plan. She rolls her sleeves up and starts waving her arms around like a conductor. Hail has no idea about Abby’s plan but he likes to lead imaginary orchestras with Abby so he joins her.