Hail is wondering about Abby’s slow pace. He walks ahead and then takes a moment to go over some chess moves in his head. He’s learned not to rush Abby. She likes things at her speed. He laughs out loud at the terrible move he just made in his imaginary game of chess. Since he’s playing himself the move was good for him as the opponent but also terrible and mindless. Strange to play yourself in chess. He imagines one player as an older man with a parrot on his shoulder. And the other player as himself. Exactly as himself, and not who he thinks he’d be. This is what makes for intentional moves and not half ass moves that will allow the older man with the parrot to win. The old man can read his thoughts and be fully aware of all his moves. He can see Hail’s plans. He can intercept his plans. For this reason, Hail doesn’t make many plans while he plays. He does this so the old man never knows his moves, which makes for a better chance at winning the game. The game of Chess against himself.