Abby sinks into her slow pace. She hears Hail mumbling banter to his imaginary enemies. She looks toward the rising sun because she heard it holds divine secrets. It’s not quite high enough to warm her face. Some birds sing to each other. Cars start filling the streets. It even smells different, like breakfast and damp streets. Bacon sizzles and eggs crack on pans all around her. Blenders spin. Dogs bark and beg for a walk. There’s a woman yelling at her husband who is just walking toward his house with a loose tie and an untucked shirt. That gets some of Abby’s attention but what gets her is a cat rubbing against her leg. It’s telling her the morning news but she’d never know because she doesn’t speak cat. This lights up Abby’s day. Hail even walks back to give it a good petting. She loves seeing him with animals. It’s a good thing Abby decided to take her time.