The mirror is foggy. The reflection is of someone that Sheena has never known but as usual, she wants to know. She should see her own face. Not the face of a man who she’s never seen before in her life. Sheena didn’t live like the others. If she did, I’d have no interest in writing about her. She is the middle child and a mediocre student. Both of these things worked because as a child she was scared of everything. Bugs, adults, and being anywhere where there was more than three people. So about the mirror, she was on her way to work, (she worked with small children) when she accidently bumped into a strange man. At this point in her life (her teen years) she was only slightly scared of everything. Strange men were absolutely on the list. She stiffens up as he tries to offer her an absolutely free mirror. “No catch.” he kept saying with his island accent. No catch, take free for you, because a beautiful woman needs a beautiful mirror.