Sheena liked being called pretty and she liked antiques. So she smiled with a nervous laugh and said ok to the mirror. She even dug around on the floor of her car to gather change but he wasn’t interested in anything she offered. When he speeds off, she sits in her car and shrugs at the free gift. Free gifts that are demanded don’t feel the same as free gifts that are earned and Sheena isn’t really sure why. She rubs her finger on the carvings around the edge. That’s where it all started. Now we have the mirror and no Sheena. Just her empty apartment. But even with her absence, it had a warm cottage feel to it. At any moment it felt as if an older woman would come greet them with a plate of cookies. It kinda smelled like cookies too now that we are speaking about it. But let’s start from before she went missing from her fresh baked cookie home.