Sheena takes the mirror home and plans to hang it in her living room. She never liked her living room. It felt fake. Maybe because she never sat in it, but she never liked sitting in it because it felt fake. She thought this mirror would be the cure because it had a homey feel to it. The mirror seemed to be well loved due to the wear on the corners of the frame. She leans it against the wall, and feels that receiving this gift gave her a reason to celebrate by calling out of work. She never really called out. So rare they were more than happy to allow her the day off. She made herself a bowl of ice cream and stripped bare. She had roommates who just moved out a few days ago and so she felt like this would add to the celebration. People always talked about walking around the house bare ass naked but she had never experienced it before. With the wind between her thighs, she can now understand the allure. She walks around the living room in circles while humming a tune from childhood and eating ice cream. Her dopamine levels are rising and she begins to question why she’s never done this before and how could she have gone so long without such freedom.

“Cecilita? Cecilita, stop this nonsense show your face so I can apologize.”

Sheena drops her bowl of ice cream and grabs a pillow from the couch. Someone has broken in and of course it’s the one time she decides to be bare ass naked in her living room. This was a terrible idea. I knew there was a reason I never did this. She crouches between the arm of the couch and the bar that separates the living room from the kitchen. Her arms pimple. She’s frozen but she can see her pile of clothes on the floor in the kitchen.

“Cecilita! Common I was just kidding. Come back. I’m not leaving until…. you….. do….” He says. The intruder begins to serenade Cecilita. A name Sheena had never heard of before. The intruder goes quiet for a moment and Sheena hears a clicking sound. She sees a reflection from the mirror and there he was, a man lighting a cigarette. Sheena was alone in the apartment, besides the mirror of course.