“So… you want me to carry the mirror to that address, right?” Sheena asks. She’s both embarrassed and eager to get rid of this mirror, so she rushes around to get herself ready.

“Yes. You have to take the mirror in order for me to see her. We are not from the same place or even the same time. If I was, I could be with her right now.

“What time are you from?”

“Sheena has explained to me how your world measures time. Sheena and I were mathematical enough to figure out the difference between our times and spaces.


“She was always there when I approached the mirror and she said I was always here when she approached.” His accent got much stronger when he began to weep which makes it hard for Sheena to understand him at all.

“Ok, don’t worry, I”ll bring you there now. I’m sure she’ll be there.” Sheena wasn’t sure at all. On top of that, since the brief discussion on time and him being from somewhere else makes Sheena realize how valuable this mirror may be after all. Her shoes are tied. She lifts the mirror and asks one more question. “So what should I call you?

“Lucious or Lu just call me Lu.”