The mirror was tipped up enough to keep Sheena’s body from showing in the reflection. Out of the man’s view, she crawls to her clothes and quickly dresses. She can see shadows dance from his movement on the other side. Her eyes are wide and everything she’s ever been taught is now under scrutiny. She steps around the living room trying her best to stay out of view? After a few steps she feels the best option is to face him head on. She walks right up to the mirror and shows her face. The man looks at her confused.

“You’re not Cecilita.” He leans as close to the mirror as he can to get a better view at where he is. “Where is Cecilita?”

“I’m Sheena. Someone gave me this mirror and didn’t tell me much.”

“Oh I bet it was Rucker. Damn him.”

“Hey, hey, can you do me a favor? Can you bring the mirror to this address.” The man steps away and begins flipping pages in a nearby notebook. He takes the notebook and places the pages flat against the mirror so that Sheena could read the address.

“Oh yea, I know that place.”

“She said she’d meet me there if anything ever came up. Damn Rucker, what a jealous bastard.”