“Do you mind if I use your space for a bit?” It was her neighbor. He works out a lot and gained too much muscle too quickly and often forgets how strong he is.

“That’s fine.” Sheena starts driving off when she notices him notice the mirror. The loud bang on her window reminded her of one of those bad nights she had when she younger. She can see the way they moved the way they worked together to keep her quiet.

“Sheena what is that?”

Lu’s curious voice raised her spirits quickly and brought her back into the present. “That is only the best candy shop in the state -shoot maybe in the country. They have caramel corn mixed with apple slices, it’s genius.” she smiles at the thought and looks in the rearview for his reaction.

“You looked pretty scared for a second when that man knocked. Are you ok? He didn’t do

“-no he didn’t do anything. I’m fine.”

Cecilita told me those two words mean that a woman is in fact not fine.”

Sheena chuckles at that. “I just had one of those rough nights you know. We all have em is what I hear.”

“If I knew you better I’d ask more but I’ll respect your privacy. Wait, is that a huge ice cream cone!”

Sheena smiles and pulls into a space where a car was just leaving. “There’s always time fore ice cream.”