Sheena lugs the mirror to the car and props it up in the back. “Can you see?”

“I’ve never seen outside of her house before.”

Sheena walks around to the drivers seat and stays quiet because she doesn’t know the right words to say to a stranger in a mirror who hasn’t seen the things she’s forgotten to notice.

“Wow, this is where you live? Wait? Are those openings to see out of the house? Windows, that’s what Cecilita called them. Wow… I thought inside Cecilita’s house was beautiful. This is much better. Much prettier.

Sheena turns around and notices that the background of Lu’s place was indeed very dark. Not bright at all. His face was made visible by a dim lamp on the left of his desk. “Well, enjoy the scenery,” she says. “I’m going to put the address in.” Lu barely hears her. He’s busy taking in the sights of all the buildings around them. “It’s says we’ll be there in 15 mins. But do you wanna see the water? It’s got a real popular bridge that people travel from far away to see. I think you’ll like it.”

“If you think I’ll like it –but then we go straight to Cecilita.” Lu is illuminated like a child by the beauty that makes his heart beat and the woman that stole his heart before he knew such beauty existed. Ah, the two things all at once, is art, isn’t it.

“Perfect, I’ll make it on the way then.” Sheena doesn’t know much about Lu or Cecilita but the way he sounded reminded her of her first time watching a teacher do magic. She couldn’t keep any magic from him especially if it was in her power.

A hard bang on her driver’s side window startles her.