Sheena pulls up to the waterfall. Water rushes over the rocks with intention but at the same time, it goes with the flow. It stays in the lines, well, today at least.

“You should have seen it.” Sheena gets out while telling the story and brings the mirror to the passenger seat. “This river flooded so bad we had to stay in doors for weeks.” She rolls down the windows so Lu could hear the sound of the water.

“It all feels so familiar but I’ve never seen anything like it. We have miles and miles of self containers and huge canisters of water,” Lu says. Sheena watches him as he closes his eyes. “Sounds like freedom.” he whispers. Sheena watches and notices Lu’s body begin to fade, like a ghost or a vampire. He opens his eyes and the image of his body snaps back. “I’ve never felt like this but I feel like that is where I’m supposed to be.”

“Oh? What do mean?”

“I just feel an urge to find this place. I want to sit on the edge forever. Maybe put my toes in.”

“I think about whether I’d survive if I jumped,” Sheena adds. She turns the car off and faces the water. “I think of how great it would feel to jump over the edge and survive. I feel like it’d be invigorating.”

“You wanna know what I wonder? I wonder if this mirror is showing me where I’d go next and maybe where you have been. Do you feel like you’ve already been here?” Lu asks. Sheena leans over and tries to find something familiar about the room he’s in.

“I can’t see enough to get a feel for where you are, but I can say I’ve been in some pretty dark places.

“It’s funny you say that, I always told Cecilita her place was so bright.” He laughs at the memory of her face. He remembers the way she pursed her lips and acted as if her big bright beautiful world was nothing. “While I’m here, I feel ok. Like I don’t need to go meet her. You barely knew me and you couldn’t wait to show me but Cecilita kept me stored away in her closet. Hidden from, from this.