Sheena grabs the caramel popcorn with apples and gets back in the car.

“That looks delicious,” Lu says. Sheena didn’t stop to think for a moment how he would have to sit and watch her eat. She was just excited to show him.

“But look at this,” she says and lifts the spoon from the bowl to show him a string of caramel. Then she places the bowl on the passenger seat and drives toward the bridge. “I don’t know why I wanted to show you that so bad but now that I have, I feel bad that you can’t taste it.”

“I love seeing the things in your world.”

Sheena nods. She smiles because she feels like she’s doing something right. And she feels excited to show him the water. Something about rushing water makes her feel better even at her worst times. While she’s there at least. It’s like ice cream for her soul.